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Books for retirees to read this autumn

Reading is a wonderful hobby that keeps the mind active. Reading at any age has many benefits that include reducing stress, enhancing sleep, improving memory, sharpening decision-making skills, and delaying the development of diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

International literacy day is on the 8th of September every year and this year we have pulled together a list of must-read books that you can get stuck into this Autumn in your brand new retirement living apartment.

Thursday Night Murder Club by Richard Osman

A light-hearted and cosy mystery focused on four friends living in a retirement village who get together on Thursdays to investigate and solve cold cases. The sleuths finally find themselves in the centre of an active case, when a builder who works in their retirement village is murdered. The book is jaunty and in places, laugh-out-loud funny.

My Mess is a Bit of a Life by Georgia Pritchett

Pritchett speaks openly and honestly about the ups and downs of living with anxiety, through wonderfully funny and occasionally heartbreaking stories that stay with you well after reading. This is a book that feels very relatable for anyone living with anxiety.

Rings of Saturn by WG Sebald

 The novel records a walking tour along the Suffolk coast. The book wanders through a few of the things which cross the path and mind of its narrator (who both is and is not Sebald) simultaneously inhabiting the present and the past, landscape and memory.

Breathtaking by Rachel Clarke

Clarke is a palliative care doctor who during the Covid-19 pandemic looked after some of the sickest patients in the ward of her hospital. She writes a powerful, emotional account filled with fear, love and the very best of humanity.

The Bad Dog’s Diary: A Year in the Life of Blake: Lover… Fighter… Dog by Martin Howard

 Blake is a loveable dog just trying to lead a happy life; he loves his owner, fiercely defends his territory, does his best to avoid the frequently threatened neutering and spends a lot of his time either scooting across the carpet or trying to find a girlfriend. This book is the diary of Blake the mongrel.

We have pulled out a few classics and have taken a look at some recent publications that speak of truth, anxiety and reality. This list has something that will appeal to everyone, so if you are in the mood for a cosy read in your over 55s flat we recommend trying out “The Bad Dogs Diary” or “The Thursday Night Murder Club”. However, if you fancy a challenging and lively debate at your retirement community book club, get stuck into the “Rings of Saturn”.

If you fancy curling up with a good book in a brand new home, our luxury retirement living apartments in Derby and Thornton-Cleveleys will be ready to move into this autumn, for more information please contact Pamela on 0800 999 1989.



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