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Burghley Retirement Living and Musical Village are to mark the launch of a new community singing hub in Derby, with a free festive concert on December 14, 2023, at Albany Lodge. 

Musical Village are an award-winning community of singing groups catering for people of all ages and abilities in Leicester and Leicestershire, who are now extending their work to Derby and Derbyshire.  And unlike a traditional choir, the hubs welcome all who simply love singing and there are no auditions. It brings people together to share the enjoyment, friendship, the mental well-being, and physical benefits of singing, and reduce the risk of dementia. 

Musical director Lesia Smaditch founded the Musical Village community hubs after time spent working as a front-line health care worker during covid.  Providing public health programmes during this time, Lesia saw the difference singing made. 

Lesia Smaditch said: “The pandemic meant my traditional choir were unable to perform and I redirected my time to implementing music led progammes to support people’s mental health and combat addictions.  Here, the idea of the community hub was born.  My plan was to create a place where singing could be done for sheer pleasure, rather than with concert performances being the goal.  And we now operate two hubs in Leicestershire and would like to extend to provide a Derbyshire hub. 

She added: “Which is why this is hugely exciting for us. In partnership with Burghley Retirement Living, we are staging an afternoon where people of all ages can gather, sing, make friends and find out a bit more about what we offer. 

“Working with Burghley Retirement Living is a natural collaboration for us.  I know the huge benefits our hubs bring to older people.  Supporting people to stay mentally active, which is so important in the fight against dementia, but also in benefiting mental health generally. The hubs are also as much about meeting up as they are singing, and we play a key role in combatting loneliness – which I know is something close to the heart of the retirement communities that Burghley Retirement Living offer.” 

The event is being held on December 14, 2023, from 1.30pm-3.30pm at Albany Lodge, Bramble Drive, Derby DE22 3ZB. Complimentary drinks, festive cakes and singing. To RSVP call 0800 999 1989 or visit https://burghleyretirement.co.uk/locations/albany-lodge-derby/  for further event details. 

Christmas Singing at Albanby Lodge Burghley Retirement living

Marie Buckingham, development director at Burghley Retirement Living added: “For the older people I work with, singing is a hugely important activity. It’s no secret that it lifts the spirits of all involved, and the fact that the hub will be open to everyone from novice to soprano means that it can really reach all parts of the community.  

“When we built Albany Lodge the emphasis was not just on offering retirement apartments, but on providing an active and fulfilled way of living, promoting independence, and bringing friendship and support to our owners. I know for many of them, the Musical Village community singing hub in Derbyshire will provide a wonderful social activity to be a part of. 

“That’s why we are looking forward to welcoming the group for a fabulous afternoon and I hope that many local people will come along to hear the group sing, and kick start their festive season.” 

Burghley Retirement Living’s development, Albany Lodge, is situated within the ready-made community of Kingsway in Derby. Designed exclusively for the over 55’s it features a beautiful collection of 10 one-bedroom and 54 two-bedroom apartments. The communal facilities include two homely and welcoming communal lounges, beautifully maintained gardens, a library, fitness suite, activity room and two hotel-style Guest Suites.

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Shipley Naming Ceremony Glen Mill HOuse
L to R: Ian Ward, Torsion Care development director, and Marie Buckingham, Torsion Care / Burghley Retirement Living development director.

Burghley Retirement Living has officially launched its retirement living development in Shipley, the fourth in its portfolio of retirement communities for the over 55s, after local lady Jenni McDonough won a competition to name the property.

In May residents of all ages in Shipley and the surrounding areas were invited for the opportunity to put their stamp on a little bit of future history in the town, by naming Burghley Retirement Living’s new over 55s residential community on Salts Mill Road.

Jenni McDonough’s suggestion was chosen, and earlier this week the development was officially launched as her chosen name, Glen Mill House, was added to the building by Ian Ward, Torsion Care development director, and Marie Buckingham, Torsion Care / Burghley Retirement Living director.

The Glen Mill House development is located next to the Leeds Liverpool Canal and on the main road leading to Salts Mill in the World Heritage Site of Saltaire – one of the district’s biggest attractions. Properties will be exclusively for the over 55’s with a collection of 45 one-bedroom and 11 two-bedroom apartments for sale, alongside communal facilities including a lounge, terrace, and a hotel-style guest suite. The apartments will be available for off-plan sales in early 2024, while the first homeowners are expected to move in during summer 2024.

Burghley Retirement Living forms part of the Burghley Group, which in turn is part of the wider Torsion Care group. The Group buys land and then builds, sells, and manages high-quality retirement developments.

Marie Buckingham, Development Director for Torsion Care, said: “Burghley Retirement Living invests in building high quality retirement properties within local communities, for the people living in those communities. Which is why we were particularly excited to give local people the opportunity to name our latest retirement living evelopment here in Shipley.

“The name Glenmill really jumped out at us because, as Jenni highlighted in her entry, it was synonymous with two wonderful aspects of the area. It’s rich industrial history and breathtaking Yorkshire countryside. And we want to congratulate Jenni and thank everyone who put forward suggestions.”

To find out more about Burghley Retirement Living in Shipley, call 0800 999 1989 or visit https://burghleyretirement.co.uk/locations/shipley/

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In honour of National Dog Day (August 26, 2023), Burghley Retirement Living will be pampering its furry residents more than usual with dog themed party treats such as ice cream, donuts, and macaroons – all created especially for dogs.

National Dog Day with Pam Ward and Burghley Retirement Living Albany Lodge

Burghley Retirement Living, operators of luxurious retirement apartments for the over 55s in Derby, Thornton-Cleveleys, and Brighouse, understood the important relationship between a pet and their owners, and the inevitable worry that is faced when people make the decision to move to a retirement apartment. Asking people to leave their pets behind was not an option for the company, and so Burghley Retirement Living decided to welcome dogs (and cats) along with their owners at all their active retirement communities.

“Often, sadly, retired people have to say goodbye to beloved pets in order to relocate into a retirement community, but we believe people shouldn’t be forced to choose between the love of their pets and the embrace of new friendships in a supportive environment.” explains Marie Buckingham developments director for Burghley Retirement Living.

“Why can’t they have both? And with the RSPCA reporting that dog and cat abandonment has increased by almost 14% in the first 6 months of 2023 alone. Combine that with an aging population and a growing number of people who want to enjoy full and active lives as they get older, it is about time that retirement living communities also welcomed furry companions through their doors. At Burghley Retirement Living we believe pet friendly communities should be the norm.”

Recent retiree, Ollie the Shi Tzu, has moved into Albany Lodge in Derby with his owner Pam Ward. And is loving it. Pam enthused: “Ollie is so good, and everyone loves him. He has helped me to make new friends, as having a friendly cute dog is a great ice breaker. Ollie loves to lie on the balcony and soak up the sun. The best thing I ever did was move here with him.”

Pam decided to move to Albany Lodge after the sad loss of her husband two years ago, realising that the road she lived on was a lonely place which she felt lacked community spirit. Even with walking Ollie daily, she hardly saw her neighbours and knew that something needed to change.

She confidently took the decision to boost her social life by making a few changes to her lifestyle. Taking the plunge, she started working in a charity shop as a volunteer for a local hospice, Treetops, for a few days a week. And with her heart set on living in a retirement community, she moved to Albany Lodge where she has made firm friends with like-minded retirees.

Ollie of course was Pam’s biggest worry. He had always had a large garden to play in, but even without a dedicated outside space he has settled well in his new apartment. This is due in part his constant view of the outside world in the form of the shared communal landscaped gardens, and of course, his popularity amongst the other residents.

When they do get back home after stretching their walking legs, Ollie heads to his basket for a rest whilst Pam meets friends in the communal lounge at Albany Lodge. Pam has used the big lounge space to host her own prosecco get-togethers with friends from the charity shop, and she often meets up with the other homeowners for a morning coffee before work or a big walk with Ollie!

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Burghley Retirement Living is launching a competition this week inviting local people to help with the naming of their new multi-million-pound retirement development at Stanley Parkway, Wakefield.

“There really are no better people to ask to name this exciting new retirement development, than those living locally” says Marie Buckingham, development director from the company behind the construction, Burghley Retirement Living.

“They know the area better than anyone and I’m sure will have great ideas on what should be commemorated by the name. It could be a connection to the city’s heritage and history, local scenery, or iconic people from the area. It’s your chance to put a personal mark on a piece of Wakefield and if you win, you’ll be invited to unveil the new name for us in a few months’ time.  All ideas are welcome and good luck. “

A brand new construction, this is Burghley Retirement Living’s fifth development, and will be available exclusively to the over 55’s. Plans include a collection of 33 one-bedroom and 25 two-bedroom apartments for sale or rent, alongside communal facilities including a communal lounge with adjoining orangery, a hotel-style Guest Suite and landscaped gardens. Completion is expected in January 2025 with show apartments available to view from late 2024.

If you’d like to enter, please email competition@burghleygroup.co.uk with your suggested development name and the reason behind it. Please include ‘Wakefield Naming Competition’ in the subject header, in addition to your name and contact details in the email. The deadline for entries is 10th November 2023.

To find out more about Burghley Retirement Living in Wakefield call 0800 999 1989 or visit https://burghleyretirement.co.uk/


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Alderman Lodge A computer generated image of the exterior at our Brighouse development. Showcasing the entrance of the development, as you drive in from the main road, the green shrubbery around the building and the walk out balconies overlooking the entrance at Alderman Lodge Retirement Living properties for sale or rent by Burghley Retirement living
Brighouse – Exterior (Artist Impression)

The Alderman Lodge retirement living development on Elmwood Drive, Brighouse, has reached a key stage in its construction progress, as the company behind the project, Burghley Retirement Living, launched its show apartments this week.

Following a local competition earlier this year, Burghley Retirement Living named the scheme in honour of Alderman William Smith, the first mayor of the town. Now people have the chance to see how the finished development will look, with one- and two-bedroom show apartments available to tour.

The Alderman Lodge development will provide luxury homes exclusively for the over 55s, with a collection of 15 one-bedroom and 22 two-bedroom apartments for sale, alongside stunning communal facilities including a homeowner’s communal lounge, and a hotel-style guest suite.

Marie Buckingham, development director for Burghley Retirement Living, said: “This is an important stage in the completion of Alderman Lodge.  It’s when the apartments and overall development starts to come to life, giving people the opportunity to see exactly how the luxury interiors are carefully designed and styled, with the over 55s in mind.

“I also appreciate that not everyone planning ahead for retirement living can visit the apartments during work hours, especially if they are not yet retired or want to bring working family along, so we have extended our times for personal tours to allow local people to visit us at weekends or evenings, by appointment.”

To find out more about Burghley Retirement Living in Brighouse or book a personal tour of the show apartments, call 0800 999 1989 or click here

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Jean Mountain of The Dressing Room Hosts Free Fashion Event at Albany Lodge
Jean Mountain of The Dressing Room Hosts Free Fashion Event at Albany Lodge

Local fashion expert and owner of Derby fashion boutique, The Dressing Room, Jean Mountain is attempting to dispel the ‘ageist myths in fashion’ that are keeping older people from expressing themselves through their personal styling, with a free drop in fashion event at Albany Lodge on November 8, 2023, from 2pm.

Jean is a well-known local businessperson and personality in Derby, as a former President of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce and Nottinghamshire Businesswoman of the Year winner in 2021. But after a lifelong love of fashion, Jean turned her commercial attention to the fashion world and in her latest local business, The Dressing Room, she helps men and women of all ages to increase their confidence through how they dress. Jean is now bringing her experience outside of the boutique, in a bid to dispel myths that prevent mature clients finding their personal style, at a free drop-in fashion event at the Burghley Retirement Living development, Albany Lodge.

Ahead of the event, Jean shares with us her top five common misconceptions in mature styling, as she challenges fashion myths for the over fifty-fives:

You can’t wear black and navy together – this is a myth that people of all ages still believe. However black and navy can look fabulous together, especially when paired with neutral tones such as grey and white, or a pop of colour. Just make sure the tones are strong enough to contrast so that the outfit doesn’t blend into one. A navy blazer over some tailored black trousers or jeans, or a black jumper (cashmere or something super soft and cosy) paired with navy midi skirt (satin or pleated) can look effortlessly stylish. Add a scarf or statement bag for interest and a finishing touch.

Plus-sized women can’t wear prints – this is one of my least favourite myths as it can be quite harmful. It’s not uncommon to gain weight as we get older with hormonal changes and the menopause, but fashion should be an expression of your personality at any age or size. Plus-sized women can and should feel empowered to wear whatever print they feel represents their unique style whether it is floral, animal print, tribal or geometric. I’m a strong advocate that if you love a print then you should wear it. Fashion is all about confidence. There are a few tips here if you do feel self-conscious but still love a print. Choose smaller prints with less ‘negative space’ (areas of the fabric with no pattern) as this can be more flattering for larger body shapes.

You must dress your age – age is just a number, and you should wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Don’t let anyone else dictate what you should wear based on your age. Nothing should be off limits in my opinion but what many of us tend to do as we get older is hide our figures and wear loose, ill-fitting clothing. Where in fact, playing to our strengths and defining our best features can do wonders for confidence. So, for example, wear a belt that nips in and defines your waist. If you have great legs, then show them off with a shorter skirt – wear tights if you feel self-conscious. Roll up jacket sleeves to show the forearms which can balance an outfit. We can all be so afraid of showing our arms and legs as we age, but they really, they can be our best assets.

You can’t mix patterns – Mixing patterns can add visual interest and depth to your outfit. There’s no need to be drab and dull just because you’ve hit fifty. Just make sure to balance the patterns and choose pieces that have complementary colours. Stripes for instance will look fabulous with a bold floral print that picks out the same colours.

You need to spend a lot of money to look stylish – this is simply not true. You can look stylish on any budget if you choose pieces that fit well and make you feel good. Don’t be afraid to browse second hand or thrift stores for unique, affordable finds. Mix these with some wardrobe staples each season and you can look stylish on any budget.

Burghley Retirement Living is a leading provider of luxury retirement apartments which operates four stylish and comfortable retirement developments and is hosting the free fashion event with Jean Mountain and The Dressing Room at Albany Lodge, Bramble Drive, Derby DE22 3ZB on 8th November from 2pm. To find out more about Burghley Retirement Living and the event, CLICK HERE

Talking of the event Jean said: “I’m so excited for this event, it’s going to be lots of fun. I’ll be bringing lovely seasonal clothing along, including a bit of sparkle for those festive nights out. And of course, there will be a range of gorgeous accessories to finish any outfit. It’s a great opportunity to pick up a few early Christmas gifts too. Don’t think it’s just for the ladies either. I have some fabulous pieces for the fellas too.

“If you have any fashion questions or feel you’re in a fashion rut, then this is the event for you. I want everyone to know that being over 55 doesn’t mean you have to retreat into those elasticated pants – you can have a distinctive, modern, fun style that suits you and displays your character from the inside out.”

Marie Buckingham of Burghley Retirement Living added: “We’re delighted that Jean will be joining us for an afternoon of fun, fizz, and fashion. The event promises to be the perfect occasion for people to get their fashion fix in the run up to Christmas, perhaps finding a gorgeous new winter outfit or picking up some fabulous gifts and stocking fillers ahead of the festive season.

“Events like these are part of an ongoing programme at Albany Lodge. It’s a core part of our ethos that life over fifty-five should be the best time of your life. Where you have less responsibility and more time to enjoy doing the things you love, including fashion. Thankfully, our apartments come with generous wardrobe space!”

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