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Discover the Warmth and Luxury of Burghley Retirement Living at Albany Lodge, Derby

Retirement is a time to embrace new experiences, forge meaningful connections, and enjoy the well-deserved rewards of a life well-lived. If you’re a retiree seeking a vibrant community where you can thrive and make new friends, look no further than Albany Lodge, Derby. Nestled in a serene setting moments from all of the facilities of Kingsway, this exceptional retirement community offers a luxurious lifestyle with your own private modern apartment combined with a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the communal spaces and landscaped gardens.

If you are unsure about luxury retirement living, why not visit Albany Lodge? At Burghley Retirement Living, we firmly believe that our way of living offers a number of benefits, including safety, security and community. One of the many highlights of the community is the weekly morning coffee event held in the stunning communal lounge every Thursday from 10.30 am to 12.00 pm. Whatsmore, everyone is welcome to pop in!

This delightful gathering offers the perfect opportunity to meet current residents, enjoy complimentary coffee and cake, and discover firsthand the joys of retirement living.

A Taste of Luxury:

Burghley Retirement Living understands the importance of providing retirees with the finest amenities and a comfortable living environment. The communal lounges at Albany Lodge embody elegance and relaxation, boasting tasteful decor and comfortable seating arrangements. The Thursday morning coffee event allows you to experience the community lifestyle firsthand while indulging in a cup of freshly brewed coffee and savoring a delicious slice of cake. Joining one of these regular coffee mornings is an ideal way to immerse yourself in the distinctive lifestyle that awaits you at Albany Lodge.

Welcoming Atmosphere:

As you step into the communal lounge at Albany Lodge, you’ll immediately sense the friendly and inviting atmosphere that permeates across the community. The morning coffee event is designed to bring people together, fostering connections and creating a sense of belonging. Whether you’re a current resident, a prospective resident, or simply curious about retirement living, you are warmly invited to drop by for a cup of coffee and a chat. Our experienced staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, ensuring you feel comfortable and informed.

Meet the Residents:

We understand that the best way to truly appreciate the retirement lifestyle we offer is to hear it directly from those who are already enjoying it. The Thursday morning coffee event presents an excellent opportunity to mingle with current residents and gain valuable insights into their experiences. Engage in conversations, listen to their stories, and discover how they have embraced retirement living at Albany Lodge. Meeting the residents will provide you with a glimpse into the vibrant community spirit and the range of activities and events that could await you.

Discover Retirement Living:

Beyond the Thursday morning coffee event, Burghley Retirement Living offers opportunities for private tours of the available luxury retirement living flats ensuring that you are able to take your time and get to know your future home. During the tour you’ll get a sense of what living at Albany Lodge could be like. You’ll find that the supportive and dedicated staff at Albany Lodge are committed to ensuring your comfort and happiness, providing assistance whenever needed while respecting your independence and privacy.


Choosing the right retirement community is an important decision, one that can significantly impact your quality of life and overall well-being. Burghley Retirement Living at Albany Lodge offers a haven where luxury and warmth intersect, creating an environment that fosters personal growth, social connection, and relaxation. The weekly Thursday morning coffee event is a delightful way to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this exceptional community. We invite you to join us, meet the residents, and discover the joys of retirement living at Albany Lodge. Your new chapter awaits – embrace it with us.

If you are thinking about dropping into a coffee morning or viewing one of our retirement living communities, give our friendly team a call on 0800 999 1989.


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