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Downsizing and Up Styling your Christmas Decorations

When you move into a luxury retirement development such as a Burghley Retirement Living property you will have already gone through the process of downsizing, which we know can be a truly positive and liberating experience.

At this stage of life, our owners often feel it’s time for a simpler lifestyle with more freedom, new friends, and space to make memories. Getting rid of the clutter and ‘stuff’ that has accumulated over the years can lead to a peaceful and serene living space, but what about when it comes to Christmas?

When it’s time to decorate your new retirement living property, you may again find yourself having to make decisions of what to display, keep or say goodbye to forever. And decorating a smaller space is very different to a larger family home, where your decorations may have been displayed for many years. If you think it’s time for a festive reset, then read on for our five tips to downsizing and up styling your Christmas decorations:

Slim it down

A full 6ft real spruce Christmas tree laden with baubles and trinkets is undoubtedly beautiful, but not at the expense of your entire floor space. Choose a slimline tree such as this one from Dunelm Mill, which will give you the effect of a larger tree but without encroaching on your living area. It’s pre-lit as well, meaning it’s easy to put up, rather than battling it out with ladders and a tangle of string lights. All you need to do is add baubles. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Dunelm Mill do offer delivery, so you don’t have to worry about how to get the tree home!

Think beyond the tree

When it comes to downsizing and up styling your Christmas decorations, something colourful yet compact like a poinsettia will deliver maximum festive cheer in a small package. The vivid red hue can look simply stunning as table centres or dotted around the space with candles and fairy lights nestled in amongst them. More is more with this look.

An alternative if you prefer the scent of pine that only comes with a real tree, is to choose a series of miniature potted trees that will help you brighten more areas of the room. Opt for all the same size and line a table, windowsill or walkway, or dot gradually bigger and smaller trees about as you work round the room.

Importantly, in downsizing and up styling your Christmas decorations, we need to look beyond just dressing the room. Creating a festive atmosphere is also about light and scent. So, an easy and effective display brings these together – with scented candles (think cinnamon, spiced orange, mulled wine) nestled in a wreath of fresh or faux foliage.  A lovely addition to your festive table that will fill your retirement apartment with all the wonderful smells of Christmas.

The huge benefit here, is that if mobility is a struggle, the trees, poinsettia, and candles are not heavy and can be placed on surfaces at waist height. But still look effortlessly elegant and fabulously festive!

Go vertical

Use the wall space and vertical space in the room so as not to take up valuable square footage on the floor. And we don’t just mean some tinsel over your picture frames.

A Nordic hanging Christmas tree ladder such as this one from Not on the High Street will make a real statement. Or you could even create your own if you’re feeling crafty. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Transform step ladders into a bespoke advent calendar for your grandchildren. Simply dress the ladder, lean it against the wall and add small boxes on the steps – one for each day. Less expensive still, hook brightly coloured paper cups to the steps and add a small gift or sweet treat in each one that they can open when the visit on the Christmas countdown.

Or use a simple wooden or painted ladder and dress with foliage, stockings, and battery-operated LED twinkling lights.  Hang it on the wall for an inexpensive, instant focal point.

Alternatively, if you are feeling more ambitious, you can put together a gorgeous installation over the table by suspending fresh holly, pine, and eucalyptus on this handy display bar from Dunelm Mill. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Dial down the garish

You may have spent the last 40+ years collecting Christmas memorabilia and the chances are not a lot of it will match. And there’s even less chance of it having a coherent colour scheme. When it comes to downsizing and up styling your Christmas decorations, you may feel the motivation to get rid of what is no longer serving your festive vision.

Create a mood board that shows exactly how you’d like to decorate your space. Calm neutrals with a touch of sparkle, twinkling white lights or classic green and gold, whatever makes you happy.

Keep baubles that hold special significance or decorations made by your children in their younger years that you simply can’t part with, but instead of feeling pressured to display them, create a festive memory box. You could even gift it to them if you’re feeling particularly inspired to declutter, passing on the festive legacy and freeing up space to create your own winter wonderland.

Get creative

You may now find yourself with a bit more time on your hands so why not try some festive crafts. You can even get the grandchildren involved.

There is so much inspiration on Pinterest and TikTok using everything from orange slices to toilet rolls, here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Easy Paper Stars tutorial  – CLICK HERE FOR MORE

DIY Orange Wreath tutorial  – CLICK HERE FOR MORE

3D Decorative Star tutorial  – CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Christmas together

Need a helping hand? If decorating your retirement living apartment is great in principle, but more difficult in reality, Burghley Retirement Living understands. Our on-site Lodge Manager can assist with a helping hand, or with our Handy Person service we source you an expert to help in fixing tricky wall or ceiling decorations.

And remember, we invite all our owners to help us decorate a beautiful Christmas tree for the communal lounge.  A chance to meet up, chat, trim the tree, and enjoy a festive tea or tipple!  Plus, we host a Christmas lunch that brings all your retirement living neighbours together.

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