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Five Unexpected Benefits of Living in A Retirement Community

Five Unexpected Benefits of Living in A Retirement Community

At Burghley Retirement Living we see first-hand the many benefits to living in a retirement community. Some obvious and others less so. Very often, when our homeowners do make the move, they find a whole host of possibilities come to light that they had never previously considered.  If you’re currently making future retirement plans, or are considering purchasing a luxury retirement apartment, then here are just a few of the unexpected benefits you can expect if you choose life in our active retirement settings.



Hosting a Party at Burghley Retirement Living

“Life is one big party, enjoy every minute of it.”

The fully equipped and beautifully decorated lounges in all Burghley Retirement Living developments have been created to encourage socialising. So, if you thought that your days of holding family parties or a get together with friends were over, just because you’ve moved to a retirement apartment, then it’s time to think again. In addition to hosting gatherings in your apartments, once you see the facilities and spacious communal areas available for our residents to hold larger social gatherings, you’ll be right back into the business of party planning.

There are even guest suites in all our developments, for those who have travelled to join you or who just don’t want to go home at the end of the evening. Described by many of our overnight visitors as ‘better than a hotel room at a fraction of the cost” our guests suites are cosy and comfortable. A home away from home with everything your guests need for a restful stay.

Start party planning!



It may not be something you’ll want to take up straight away, or in fact for a few years into your life at one of our luxury retirement developments, but it’s reassuring for many of our residents (and their families) to know that somebody is on hand to provide support – at the touch of a button.

Our lodge managers have a list of requested daily check ins. They will knock on a resident’s door or speak to them on the phone, just to make sure everything is okay. It can be as quick as a couple of minutes, or for those who want a chat and a cup of tea, a little longer.

When we say active retirement living, we do mean active. So, we realise you may have a busy lifestyle and not require a check in every day. If that’s you, there is a simple button that can be pressed that lets our team know that everything is fine, and no courtesy call is needed. You are always in complete control.

This is all part of the service at Burghley Retirement Living and at no extra cost for our luxury retirement apartment owners.



New Skill, New Hobby, New Friends Burghley Retirement Living

At our retirement living developments we have a varied programme of events and regular activities aimed at keeping our residents entertained and fulfilled in their retirement. From art and cookery classes to sports, games nights, wine tasting and dinners. There is something for everyone. And we’re led by the community at each development, so nothing is off the table in terms of finding a new activity.

If you want to try your hand at a new skill, or share a hobby with your neighbours, we’re here to make that happen.  Want to watch the World Cup or a movie with fellow residents, we can sort the popcorn.  Love fashion, we’ll stage an event in our lounges that bring the boutique to you.

Our programme of retirement living activities is primarily designed to be fun and bring people together. But the main benefit we see all the time, friendships are forged.


At Burghley Retirement Living we understand that moving can be difficult thing at any time of life, but in retirement there is even more to consider. Big life changes and the practical issues of downsizing. That’s why we have a fully integrated, end-to-end removals service that packs and unpacks your belongings, up to £2,000 towards estate agent fees and up to £1,000 towards legal fees. We even provide you with a handyperson within the first 30 days of moving, to help you make your new home your own, undertaking fiddly tasks such as hanging pictures, fitting curtain poles, and putting up shelves.

Easy moving, easing you into your new retirement life.



Travel Bonus with Burghley Retirement Living

As we’ve mentioned earlier, guest suites at our lodges are ideal for your friends and family to stay with you, but secretly they are also the perfect way for you to explore. Owners have the option, for a small fee, to stay in the superbly appointed guest suites at any of our luxury retirement lodges. And those of our lodge partners, Select Retirement Living. It’s an ideal opportunity to book a short break with all the familiar support of our friendly lodge team.

Own in one lodge, travel to them all.

To find out more about luxury retirement living in Shipley, Derby, Thornton-Cleveleys, and Brighouse, visit https://burghleyretirement.co.uk/locations/

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