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Meet Pamela, Senior Sales Consultant at Alderman Lodge, Brighouse

Even before you choose to move into one of our luxury retirement villages, when you are at the start of your journey looking at retirement flats for sale chances are, the first person you will meet when you visit our retirement apartments, is Pamela. 

Pamela is our Senior Property Consultant and with over 18 years of experience in the new homes and retirement living sector, she is on hand to help make your journey as smooth and simple as possible. 


We asked her about her experience in retirement living and found out a little bit more about her. 

Who was your favourite ever client and why? 

Many years ago, when a colleague of mine was retiring I took over their post at a retirement living development and I have a memory that will stay with me forever, the pleasure of meeting Joan. 

Each morning I would see a lady walking past the development to visit the nearby shops, she would always stop and look at the entrance however, would never come in. After some time had passed I mentioned it to my colleague who told me she had been stopping and looking at the development on her way to the shops for over year but had never come in.  

I knew that sometimes finding the courage to take that extra step can be daunting, so the following morning when she was walking past I popped outside to greet her and invited her in for a cup of tea and a biscuit. She gladly accepted but was keen to point out that she wasn’t ready for a “care home”, and, at 89 felt like she was far too old to move. 

I found her spark and strong independent nature refreshing, we instantly clicked and had a long chat over tea and biscuits. As I grew to know Joan, she told me that she had lived on her own for over 36 years, and quite often didn’t see a soul for weeks. I asked her if she had heard of “retirement living” as it was the perfect solution for her to keep her independence, whilst not feeling lonely and missing out on socialising. 

Joan had assumed that she had been walking past a “care home” and didn’t realise the thriving vibrant community and the independence that “retirement living” offered. 

Once she realised that the retirement living development was not a “care home”, she instantly asked to be shown around the apartments and to see the communal homeowners lounge.  

It was wonderful to see how amazed Joan was at the size of the apartments and the facilities they contained and I could see how delighted she was when we bumped into a couple in the homeowner’s lounge who were keen to stop to chat with Joan.  

At the end of the tour, Joan told me that she thought the development was “fantastic!” and that she didn’t really know what “retirement living” was all about, until now. She was very excited about the idea of living in one of the apartments and making new friends but, she was unsure if she could move as she didn’t think her daughter would want her to move out of their family home. We said our goodbyes, but Joan was insistent that she would be back to visit again. 

A short two weeks later Joan, and her daughter popped in for a cuppa and a chat. We took a tour of the apartments and after a few friendly waves and “hello’s” from other homeowners Joan was adamant that she wanted this to be her new home.  

Her daughter was in full agreement and they reserved a 1-bed ground floor apartment on the spot. 

Whilst we left Joan to take another look at her apartment, her daughter quietly thanked me for inviting Joan in to see the development. She admitted that she worried that her Mum was lonely and said that she found it hard to juggle her own busy family life and to spend as much time with her as she would have liked.  

One of the things that did surprise Joan’s daughter was the modern facilities; “I’d like to move in here myself” she quipped, and she was impressed by the security because she said it would “give her peace of mind that Mum was safe when she wasn’t around.” 

A few weeks later we arranged to sell Joan’s property using the assisted move scheme and helped her find a trusted solicitor to do the conveyancing for selling her current home and buying her new apartment. We also organised the removals to make things easy and quick for Joan and just like that,10 weeks later, Joan and her little dog Marty were living in their retirement apartment. 

This is a standout story for me because it gave me immense satisfaction to know the part that I had played in enriching Joan’s life, enabling her to make new friends and attend social events with like-minded people, in a safe and secure environment, whilst retaining her independence. 

 What is the most frequently asked question about Alderman Lodge?  

People are always asking me “How much are the luxury retirement apartments?”. The quick answer is “They start from £194,950”, however, it’s always best to get in touch with me and we can chat through your exact requirements as each flat is unique and we have a range of different orientations and layouts available to choose from. For example, all of the ground floor apartments include a patio area and the first and second-floor retirement living apartments have fabulous balconies!   

What is your favourite part of the Alderman Lodge development? 

I love where it is in Brighouse! It’s so close to everything you need, situated just off Elmwood Drive in a quiet area but just a short walk from the town centre  where you can enjoy the lovely Brighouse community. 

What are your top tips for moving into an over 55s apartment? 

My top tip is always the same, enquire early to ensure that you get the apartment that you want! If your heart is set on a south-facing apartment with a balcony, the earlier you get in touch, the better. Plus, long term, I’ve found that you always benefit from buying off-plan as it means you have the option to choose some of the apartment features and personalise your home before you move in. 

What is your favourite place to spend time in Brighouse? 

I love to wander down into the town whenever I get a chance, it’s a great place for a walk and there are a lot of choices if you fancy a bite to eat at one of the many excellent coffee shops. 


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