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Retirement Living for Dogs (And Their Owners!) … For National Dog Day

In honour of National Dog Day (August 26, 2023), Burghley Retirement Living will be pampering its furry residents more than usual with dog themed party treats such as ice cream, donuts, and macaroons – all created especially for dogs.

National Dog Day with Pam Ward and Burghley Retirement Living Albany Lodge

Burghley Retirement Living, operators of luxurious retirement apartments for the over 55s in Derby, Thornton-Cleveleys, and Brighouse, understood the important relationship between a pet and their owners, and the inevitable worry that is faced when people make the decision to move to a retirement apartment. Asking people to leave their pets behind was not an option for the company, and so Burghley Retirement Living decided to welcome dogs (and cats) along with their owners at all their active retirement communities.

“Often, sadly, retired people have to say goodbye to beloved pets in order to relocate into a retirement community, but we believe people shouldn’t be forced to choose between the love of their pets and the embrace of new friendships in a supportive environment.” explains Marie Buckingham developments director for Burghley Retirement Living.

“Why can’t they have both? And with the RSPCA reporting that dog and cat abandonment has increased by almost 14% in the first 6 months of 2023 alone. Combine that with an aging population and a growing number of people who want to enjoy full and active lives as they get older, it is about time that retirement living communities also welcomed furry companions through their doors. At Burghley Retirement Living we believe pet friendly communities should be the norm.”

Recent retiree, Ollie the Shi Tzu, has moved into Albany Lodge in Derby with his owner Pam Ward. And is loving it. Pam enthused: “Ollie is so good, and everyone loves him. He has helped me to make new friends, as having a friendly cute dog is a great ice breaker. Ollie loves to lie on the balcony and soak up the sun. The best thing I ever did was move here with him.”

Pam decided to move to Albany Lodge after the sad loss of her husband two years ago, realising that the road she lived on was a lonely place which she felt lacked community spirit. Even with walking Ollie daily, she hardly saw her neighbours and knew that something needed to change.

She confidently took the decision to boost her social life by making a few changes to her lifestyle. Taking the plunge, she started working in a charity shop as a volunteer for a local hospice, Treetops, for a few days a week. And with her heart set on living in a retirement community, she moved to Albany Lodge where she has made firm friends with like-minded retirees.

Ollie of course was Pam’s biggest worry. He had always had a large garden to play in, but even without a dedicated outside space he has settled well in his new apartment. This is due in part his constant view of the outside world in the form of the shared communal landscaped gardens, and of course, his popularity amongst the other residents.

When they do get back home after stretching their walking legs, Ollie heads to his basket for a rest whilst Pam meets friends in the communal lounge at Albany Lodge. Pam has used the big lounge space to host her own prosecco get-togethers with friends from the charity shop, and she often meets up with the other homeowners for a morning coffee before work or a big walk with Ollie!

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