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Seven Ways To ‘Positively Downsize’

Moving is an exciting time, a new life awaits. Yet very often there are conflicting feelings when it’s time to downsize to a more appropriate property such as a luxury retirement apartment. Change itself can be difficult, especially as we get older. Couple that with happy memories of raising a family in a property and it can lead to a mixing pot of emotions.

Many of our owners are couples who chose to positively manage retirement plans, so that they can live exactly the active retirement they want to. Some choose retirement living because they have lost a loved one or are becoming less mobile. Others are keen to be a part of a wider friendship circle after retiring from work.  Regardless of why they have made their choice, the actual process can give rise to feelings of anxiety around moving on to the next stage of life. There are practical considerations too. Packing up a larger home can feel overwhelming. And what about the environmental impact of moving house?

Seven Ways To Positively Downsize with Burghley Retirement living

At Burghley Retirement Living we understand that moving to a luxury retirement apartment can create complex feelings.  We also know that contentment, peace of mind, and a truly fulfilling life awaits at your new retirement apartment.  So, to help, we’re sharing a few tips that enable you to keep an optimistic outlook, alongside seven ways to positively downsize:


We accumulate a lot of things in our lifetime and beginning the process of sorting through all of this can be a challenge. Start early in your move and choose one room at a time so that you have the time and headspace to get properly organised.

The staff at your luxury retirement development will be on hand to help with questions over space and storage so that you can map out just how much you can take with you.

Have boxes set out for items you want to keep, things to gift or donate and things it’s time to get rid of. We don’t like the word ruthless; it suggests a feeling of ‘loss’ which really isn’t the case. So, it may help to keep the words tidy, organised, and peaceful in mind when visualising your new retirement apartment.

If you can, tackle the task in small bursts. Very often starting is the hardest part, so do one item a day if it helps to get you going and gradually increase this as you get into it. It can be surprising how liberating it is to let go of things that are no longer serving you. It’s likely that you will even start to enjoy the process. Especially as you start to see the organisation beginning to come together.


If you’re a passionate environmentalist, then moving to a smaller retirement apartment can create lots of excess rubbish which may be at odds with your standpoint. But there are ways to cut this down to the bare minimum. Donate or sell items you no longer need, recycle what you can and use eco-friendly, recyclable, or reusable packing boxes. The good news is that once you have cleared your belongings there shouldn’t be too many car journeys to your new retirement apartment.

Freecycle is a fantastic website for finding new owners for items you no longer want or need. Vinted offers a place to sell clothing, especially ‘retro’ or ‘vintage’ items.


One of the best ways to make any experience positive is through the power of the mind. We can change how we feel about situations by reframing our thoughts. Instead of focusing on the aspects of moving that make you feel anxious or nervous, try to focus on all the positives.

A wonderful new retirement apartment awaits you, one that is suited to your lifestyle and is clean, warm, luxurious, and sociable.

Some people reframe their ideas around moving to a more suitable accommodation as ‘right-sizing’ rather than downsizing, emphasising all the right reasons that brought you to the decision in the first place.

There is very often a positive to be found in every situation, for instance if your previous home had way too many rooms and had become unmanageable think of all the time and effort you will save cleaning. If half of your current property stands empty and unused think of all the money that will be saved on heating empty rooms. And by freeing up a larger home, you are giving the gift of a happy home to another family who will go on to create their own memories there.

There’s the peace of mind and security aspects too – retirement living gives you the freedom to live the life you want to, such as travel, forging new friendships, hobbies and time spent doing the things you love. Your retirement, your way.


One of the best things about downsizing to a new retirement apartment is the fact you get to make a whole new place feel like home. Residents who own their luxury retirement apartments can add their own stamp on the interiors. A blank canvas is an exciting prospect, so why not focus on how you will furnish and decorate your space as a way of keeping positive. Put aside some time to plan out your new colour schemes and unleash your inner interior designer.


In a luxury retirement apartment, a whole new network of friends and neighbours awaits you. We actively encourage our new owners to visit in the lead up to their move so that they can familiarise themselves with the building and the people in it. Plus, you can discuss any concerns with people who have gone through the process already.


In a Burghley Retirement Living apartment, there is plenty of well-designed storage to maximise your space, so there’s no need to get rid of everything. If something is of real sentimental value to you – then keep it.

Memory boxes are a great way to keep all your treasured items together and will help you define what really makes the cut, as there is only a certain amount of space. You can take photographs of bigger items that you don’t have space for, or gift them to a loved one, so that you can still see them whenever you visit. 


We know that the process of moving can be stressful so the Burghley Retirement Living ‘easy-move’ service is there to smooth every step of the way. It includes an end-to-end removals service that packs and unpacks your belongings, and a contribution towards estate agent fees and legal fees. We even provide you with a handyperson within the first 30 days of moving, to help you make your new home your own, undertaking fiddly tasks such as hanging pictures, fitting curtain poles, and putting up shelves.


If you’re struggling to let go, then why not take a watch of Marie Kondo’s popular Netflix show ‘Tidying Up’. The decluttering expert has helped people at all stages of life to create calm, minimalist living spaces by asking people if items in their home truly bring them joy.


Moving can be stressful at any age, in this article, the New York Times explains the psychology behind moving house which may help you to understand your feelings.

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