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Retirement is a time for new beginnings, relaxation, and a chance to do all the things you love the most. For many retirees, a key component of the joy of retirement lies in spending quality time with family, especially the younger generations. As such, an increasing number of people are choosing to make a retirement living move to be near grandchildren. It’s a decision that can encourage deeper connections between generations and has benefits for all members of the family. Making memories together, keeping sharp and active in older age, and sharing wisdom and family traditions to name a few.

At Burghley Retirement Living, seeing our owners interact with their grandchildren after a retirement living move to be near grandchildren is one of the most rewarding aspects of our job. Once the shackles of unsuitable accommodation or the impracticalities of distance have been removed, our owners revel in the time and freedom they have to really focus on what’s important in life.


Here are just some of the benefits of making a retirement living move to be near grandchildren.

A Retirement Living Move to be Near Grandchildren


One of the most compelling reasons for retirees to relocate to be near their grandchildren is the opportunity to be more actively involved in their lives. It’s so much easier to see them face-to-face more frequently, offering the chance to share stories and create lasting memories that can really strengthen bonds between you and your loved ones.


Grandparents can provide invaluable support to their grandchildren. Whether it’s helping with homework, offering guidance on life decisions, or simply being a listening ear; your wisdom and perspective will enrich their lives. Grandparents bring security and stability which can be especially beneficial during the formative years of children’s lives. And remember, sometimes it’s easier to discuss or share a problem with a grandparent who is once removed from their situation. Being closer geographically will certainly bring you closer to your grandchildren in all aspects of the word.


Whether it’s a special recipe, a holiday tradition, or stories about yours and your children’s (their parent’s) lives, sharing experiences will help to foster their sense of identity and build your legacy.


Grandparents can be a tremendous support for parents both financially and emotionally. Perhaps if you make the move to live nearer to your grandchildren you can step in to provide some of the childcare, allowing parents the flexibility to pursue careers or simply enjoy some quality time together. Having children can also be a difficult time for some parents, so having you nearby will give them that all important emotional support from somebody who has lived through raising a family themselves.


Living nearer to your grandchildren is not only beneficial for them; it will also enhance your quality of life. There is certainly a sense of fulfilment to be found in witnessing the growth and development of your grandchildren, but there is research to suggest that it can keep you feeling younger and sharper for longer. Even living longer! One long study in America found that by the end of a 20-year study, those who helped with childcare had mortality rates 37 percent lower than grandparents who did not. Who doesn’t want to add a few years to their life?



So hopefully we’ve highlighted the benefits of a retirement living move to be near grandchildren, but what about the practicalities involved? Making any move requires careful consideration to ensure a smooth transition.


It’s wise to choose a location that strikes a balance between proximity to grandchildren and the amenities and services that are important for you as a retiree. You will need to maintain your independence and a circle of friends to ensure it’s a move that suits everyone – you included. That’s exactly why we build developments that are close to local communities and public transport links.


Consider housing options that align with your lifestyle, whether that’s downsizing to a smaller home or exploring luxury retirement apartments such as our Burghley Retirement Living developments. Choosing something suitable for you, where your grandchildren can also visit and stay could be key. At Burghley Retirement Living we offer a range of 2-bedroom apartments, perfect for sleepovers!  A hotel style guest suite where family can also stay over, plus, beautiful communal lounges where you can meet with extended family for larger gatherings.

A Retirement Living Move to be Near Grandchildren


You may need to evaluate the financial aspects of the move, including the cost of living in the new area, potential changes to expenses, and any adjustments needed to your retirement budget. Independent financial advice is important here.  In a move to one of our developments, financial management is made a little easier.  Once you have paid the annual service charge, which includes all the property maintenance and your property insurance, all you need to do is budget for the usual bills. And, with thermally insulated apartments, energy efficient appliances and new double glazing, we help to keep these to a minimum.


It’s a good idea to keep the communication open with your children and grandchildren about the move. Consider their needs and expectations, addressing any concerns or logistical challenges.

A Retirement Living Move to be Near Grandchildren


Finally, why not consider a trial period before making the move. Spend extended periods in the new location to familiarise yourself with the area and to gauge how well you adapt to the change. You can visit any Burghley Retirement Living development, meet other apartment owners and the lodge manager, and perhaps stay for a trial night to be sure it’s for you.

Or why not pop along to one of our open days and hear first-hand what life is like in retirement living!


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To find out more about luxury retirement living with Burghley Retirement Living in Shipley, Derby, Thornton-Cleveleys, and Brighouse, visit https://burghleyretirement.co.uk/locations/

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