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As we get older, the needs and requirements for our living space in our homes change. After retirement, many people find themselves rattling around large family homes with extra rooms that are no longer needed, not to mention high maintenance and running costs. Downsizing to a new build retirement living apartment can offer a more comfortable and more convenient option for many retirees.  

According to the Home Builders Federation’s October 2022 report, there are few reasons why retirees should consider the benefits of making the move into a new build retirement living apartment. 

In the wake of the cost of living crisis, the report outlines a trend towards prioritising energy efficiency in new homes; this is also becoming increasingly important for those considering retirement living options. According to a recent survey by the Home Builders Federation, around a quarter of respondents (24%) stated that the energy efficiency of their next home move would be “crucial”. This highlights the growing awareness and importance of energy efficiency among consumers, especially as they enter their retirement years. 

Retirement living apartments that are built to meet high energy efficiency standards can provide a range of benefits for over 55s.  

An energy-efficient retirement living apartment can provide peace of mind for seniors who may be on a fixed income. With rising energy costs, having a home that is designed to minimise energy usage can help to reduce the financial burden of high energy bills.  

A new build retirement living apartment is typically smaller than a family home, which means lower maintenance costs. With fewer rooms, there are fewer things that need to be cleaned and maintained, which can significantly reduce the cost of upkeep (and of course, give you more time to have fun and enjoy life!). New retirement living apartments are designed with modern materials and appliances that are energy-efficient, which in turn will save money on utility bills. According to a report by the Home Builders Federation, new build houses can save homeowners up to £2,600 per year on energy bills compared to older homes. 

Not only do newly built retirement apartments offer significant savings on energy bills, but they can also help to reduce the carbon footprint of the home. This can be an important consideration for those who are environmentally conscious and wish to live in a home that aligns with their values. 

At Burghley Retirement Living, our apartments in Thornton-Cleveleys and Derby are now available to buy or rent and we will be launching a new retirement village location later this year. Moving into one of our new build communities with energy efficiency can provide greater stability in retirement and each community comes with additional amenities and benefits that can further reduce living costs and enhance overall wellbeing. These include communal spaces for socialising, such as our luxurious communal lounges and maintained outdoor gardens. These spaces give residents the opportunity to make new friends, socialise and form clubs without having to pay a penny! 

If you are thinking about viewing one of our retirement living communities, give our friendly team a call on 0800 999 1989. 

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