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As the festive season is fast approaching, why not decorate the front of your luxury retirement apartment door with a homemade wreath?

The steps are easier than you might think with just a few tools and some festive materials you’ll be set for success!

This year could be the perfect  opportunity to practice making a wreath before teaching your Derby Retirement Living neighbours next Christmas.

We are going to give you everything you need to know about making a wire wreath to hang in your new luxury retirement living apartment.


To make a beautiful wreath you will no doubt need some beautiful materials, whether these be foraged or bought from a local florist we have all the guidance you will need to make your wreath stand out from the rest (especially the shop bought ones). 

If you’re already local to the Derby area, you can take a short trip into Derby City Centre to “Boutique Florist” to choose your greenery for your wreath, or if you fancy doing it all yourself, why not make a day of it and go to your local park with the grandchildren to collect shrubbery and flowers to create a unique wreath that will stand out.

You may want to add some dried orange slices to your wreath so why not go to a local Derby greengrocers “A. Woodhouse” in the Markethall to get the best quality fruit? To dry these out and fill your luxury retirement apartment with festive aromas, simply slice your oranges thinly, placing them onto greaseproof paper bake at 50 degrees celsius for up to 5 hours. This will make your new home feel very festive with the smells of Christmas. 

You might also decide that you want to add crystals, gold leaf stickers or maybe some wired ribbon. 

Essentials You will Need 

  • Wire or a wire frame
  • Floral Wire
  • Work Gloves- so to not hurt yourself whilst you’re getting creative 
  • Wire Cutters- to bend and cut your frame


Below is everything you need to know about making a wire wreath at Christmas time this year to hang in your new luxury retirement living apartment next Christmas.

Now you have all your supplies, you’re ready to get started along with grandchildren on a wintery Sunday afternoon.

Step 1: Firstly get your wire and bend it to suit your preferred shape safely using the wire cutters to do so (shaped wire is also available if you don’t feel comfortable bending the wire yourself). 

Step 2: Now take your greenery, this could be evergreen shrubbery or any greenery shrubs of your choice, and place it on a part of the main wire frame. Using your floral wire wrap the wire around the shrubbery to attach it to the frame of your wreath and do not cut the wire. Continue to do this until the frame is fully covered and tie the floral wire to the frame and cut it off when you are happy. 

Step 3: Once you have covered the wire frame it is time to add your festive dried fruits to the magnificent display which will light up your luxury retirement apartment with festive cheer. Go as wild as you like, this is all about you taking the time to try something new and works as a great activity to keep your mind creatively active. Finally to hang your wreath without making any holes you can use command strips to hang your creation up on your door or inside your apartment!

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