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A lot of thought goes into the design of our retirement living apartments, to ensure that they offer everything you need for an enjoyable and comfortable home. Each retirement apartment is built to last and finished to a high standard, with quality fixtures and fittings and thoughtful design touches.

We ensure that we are on the pulse with design trends which means that our over 55s living developments are of a high standard and provide a welcoming and contemporary home for you to enjoy later life.

Here are a few of the interior design trends that are inspiring us this autumn.

70’s style

A key trend is the slow and laidback styling of the 70’s. The use of natural materials teamed with earthy tones is making a comeback this autumn.

Style your retirement living apartment with these 70’s touches such as animal prints, furry shag pile rugs, velvet furnishings and handcrafted ceramics. Or simply nod to the trend with a houseplant or two.

Lots of texture

Textures help your home look cosy and comfortable. This autumn a combination of rattan, velvet, natural pine and antique rugs are all the rage with interior designers. You can transform the look of your retirement living apartment with layered rugs and textured wall hangings.

Let the light in

This autumn, warm neutrals are back in trend. You can paint your neutral retirement living apartment in light browns and soft oranges, these will be bright during the day and warm during the evening. If you fancy a pop of colour, bright cushions and fun mirrors will compliment this trend.


Filling your home with plants and flowers will never go out of fashion. House plants not only look fantastic but they have benefits ranging from improving your mood and reducing stress levels to reducing breathing problems.


According to the research, we will be welcoming an injection of print and pattern into the home after a summer of minimalism. The resurgence of bold patterns will add fun and vibrance to your retirement living apartment. You can pair a geometric wallpaper or a striped rug with neutral walls to embrace the trend.

Our retirement living apartments in Thornton-Cleveleys and Derby will be ready to move into this autumn. To book a show flat viewing call us on 0800 999 1989 to speak with Pamela and find out more.


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The school summer holidays are a precious time when grandparents get to spend lots of time with their grandchildren. Come rain or shine, we have pulled together some top tips to keep the little ones entertained over the long summer holidays.

Long hot summer days

We’ve rounded up some of the best ways for both kids… and big kids to have sun in the hot weather.


For a lot of gardeners, we hold dear memories of grandparents teaching us how to grow plants, how to care for the soil, and sharing their own tips and tricks. Why not spend the summer showing your own grandchildren the ropes?

Start simple with seeds and cress on the windowsill (this also works as a rainy day activity).

One of the greatest shared gardening activities is growing a plant in a pot, nurturing it, watering and feeding it, and simply watching it grow. The great thing about this interest is that it can be done both inside and outside and over a number of weeks/months/years.

Visit National Trust properties

Ah the great outdoors! Sweeping national trust gardens are perfect for walks and picnics on hot summer days.

Why not explore the great outdoors, even the rainy days can be enjoyed in the woods for a nature walk.

The park

The park is always a hit! But best of all, not only is it fun, it’s free! You can enjoy everything from feeding the ducks to playing on the swings. Now that’s what we call a day out!4. The beach

The seaside

Sun, sea, sandcastles and swimming. What’s not to enjoy about a day out by the glorious British coast? You can make many happy memories by the seaside, Skegness is just 2hours away from Derby’s Albany Lodge or if you chose to live in Royles Lodge at Thornton Cleveleys, you’ll be right on the coast!

Wet weather fun

We all know that a British summer can bring a lot of spells of rain. We have prepared some activities that are fun in every weather.

Read a book

From fairy tales to non-fiction, there is something for everyone. Why not start a new book with your grandchildren or dig out an old favourite this summer?

Settle down and watch a good film

This is something the whole family can enjoy. It’s a perfect rainy day activity to snuggle up on the sofa with some tasty popcorn.

The ultimate gloomy day activity. We recommend:

  • Monopoly
  • Ludo
  • Scrabble
  • Buckeroo
  • Snakes and ladders
  • Frustration

Whatever you get up to this summer break, why not stop by one of our luxury retirement living villages? Both Albany Lodge in Kingsway, Derby and Royles Lodge in Thornton Cleveleys are ready to reserve now. Plus, you could move in as soon as this autumn, find out more by speaking to our friendly team: info@burghleygroup.co.uk

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By Maggie Wilkinson


Do you sometimes long to have a go at drawing and painting, but find the sight of a blank, white page daunting – with negative thoughts of not wanting to make a mess? Sometimes, we need to make a start in a small, gentle, and easy way, to get our creativity flowing again and to restore our confidence. Think back to when you were a child; do you remember those cold, wet playtimes when you couldn’t go out, and how cosy and enjoyable it felt to be cosseted up indoors in the warm and colouring in?


Colouring is now a really popular hobby, with fabulous books designed especially for the adult market. Grown-ups are finding immense pleasure in this relaxing craft: the contemplative peace of sitting at the table at your retirement village living and setting out the supplies; then, the simple comfort of laying down the colours, bringing the picture to life with your own handiwork. What a delightful way to spend an afternoon, perhaps with your grandchild or craft group, working on your pages together, side by side.

Before you take the plunge and buy expensive books, why not click on the links below and print yourself off a selection of free images that appeal to you?


Supplies you can use:

  • Pencil crayons – these are a great medium to start with, and they vary enormously in price and quality. All the “colourists” have their favourites, and the serious devotees often have several sets. Pencil crayons are more forgiving and subtle than felt pens, with less chance of bleeding through and spoiling the drawing on the other side of the page. The Staedtler 157 SB24 Ergosoft Triangular Colouring Pencils are good, and come highly recommended by the creator of one of the loveliest series of colouring books, Johanna Basford. These are brilliant, relatively cheap, and a perfect place to start. The colours lay down very softly and are easy to layer and blend. Always lay a sheet of clean white paper under the page you’re working on, to prevent marking the underneath design.

Pencil Crayons


  • Fineliners  – These are very posh felt-tip pens, brilliant for complimenting, enhancing, and highlighting your pencil work. The tips really are very fine and work well for tiny shapes, adding decorative dots, lines, and flourishes.



  • Colouring Books – Johanna Basford has designed and produced a series of beautifully drawn colouring books. She has even drawn a very sweet and free colouring book, which you can download and print as a pdf—see the links below. Johanna offers inspiring, free online tutorials, and there’s a very friendly Facebook community who generously share their work, tips, recommendations, and ideas.

Free colouring downloads

Johanna’s Free Book, “Flourish”


Another way you can ease yourself into creating with colour is to start a journal— a small book to fill with doodles and sketches, inspired from little things you see around you whilst at your retirement community near the sea or out and about, or your thoughts. It’s fun to collect ephemera from places you visit and stick them in, embellishing by hand.


It’s truly rewarding to give yourself the time to be creative, and everyone is creative - we just forget to use it! So, why not check out these links and inspire yourself?

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Picture this: You and your partner spend a bright Sunday morning tending to your garden, planting flower bulbs and picking out a few pesky weeds. After that, you take a seat on your bench soaking up the spring sun, reading the newspaper with a hot drink. Admiring your luxury retirement village, you sit back and look around at what you have achieved and earnt, and it’s not long until your guests arrive for the meal of the week- your famous roast dinner. This roast has been the talk of the Albany Lodge senior retirement community and everyone wants an invite.  

 It’s almost time to put the meat in the oven so you head into your fully integrated kitchen to get started. The large kitchen space means that there is plenty of room for two of you to get preparing the best meal of the week, so whilst one of you peels the potatoes the other can start chopping the veg. If you would rather take on the prep solo then you won’t be short of feeling like a chef in your beautifully equipped kitchen. Each kitchen in our  independent living community apartments have all of the mod cons you would expect so not only do you now have the perfect space to entertain guests in your private indoor and outdoor space you also have everything you need in order to cook for those you love most. 

 When you move into Albany Lodge, Derby we will take care of everything including integrating all the mod-cons you might need to entertain guests allowing you to cook up a storm. Each kitchen in our retirement living village is fully integrated and has a modern feel to it but with enough space and light to ensure that you can bring in your own touches. The layout of the Albany Lodge kitchens should help recall memories of kitchens of the past, provide space to dance whilst cooking, and inspire creativity to test and perfect recipes in your new apartment.  

We know that entertaining is important, which is why we have designed our kitchens with you in mind, giving you the perfect opportunity to make new memories at the heart of your home. The ceramic hob is a fantastic cooking station and we have no doubt that you will use it to cook a mind-blowing cheese sauce for your famous cauliflower cheese!  

 When you enter your retirement living apartment you’ll notice the integrated electric oven is set at waist height so it’s easy to pop those roasted potatoes in, and with slip-resistant Amtico flooring, you’ll be able to move around as fast as you like without slipping and dropping the Yorkshire puddings! 

 Even if you worry about making a mess with countless pots and pans, your kitchen at Albany Lodge will have a trusty dishwasher on standby ready to clean them all. The high-quality stainless steel extractor hood will help to clear away any hot air or burnt smells if something does go slightly wrong (or the roasted carrots get a little chargrilled).  

 Living at Albany Lodge will be something to be proud of. Your guests will be able to sit in your stylish lounge and admire your state-of-the-art kitchen with a glass of wine (plus you can still chat to them if you find yourself suck in the kitchen cooking). This open plan design gives you a wider area to socialise with guests which is perfect for hosting family and friends! In your luxury retirement apartment, there is the space to enjoy hosting, entertaining and most importantly creating new memories.  

Retirement Village Kitchen

Your luxury apartment will provide you with a kitchen where you can cook up some wholesome meals and enjoy time with family, friends and maybe even your new neighbours. So why not start making those memories and book your luxury retirement apartment now to become a member of the Albany Lodge community.  

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With the days getting brighter and Easter fast approaching, you may be looking forward to spending time with your Grandchildren over the Easter holidays in your over 55 community. Now, we all love going to granny and grandpa’s for time-honored Easter egg hunt in the garden of your luxury retirement village, but if you wanted to spice things up this year we’ve got some great craft ideas to keep the grandkids busy and entertained.  

 Plant Pot Bunny Rabbits 

 This is a quick and easy craft that you can enjoy from the comfort of your luxury retirement flat. The “plant pot bunny rabbits” just require some paint, two small clay pots, googly eyes, a pen and some pipe cleaners to come to life!  

All you have to do is take your two pots glue them together (with the top one upside down and let the little ones decide what fun colour they want their bunny to be.  

Next, after they have gotten paint all over the wipe-clean table cloth, leave it to dry before sticking your googly eyes on the top half of the bunny.  

Whilst you wait for the eyes to dry, under your supervision, let the grandchildren cut some ears out of cardboard, for a classic look white and pink is always a hit. After that, take the card and cut a mouth so your bunny can eat all the carrots and, of course, a nose for the bunny to smell out any chocolate nearby! 

All bunnies need whiskers so take the pipe cleaners and bend them to look like some whiskers for your Grandchild’s new little friend! Finally, stick the whiskers nose, and mouth together and the bunny ears on top and you’ll see him come to life.  

This simple table top craft would be perfect to enjoy on a wet day from the comfort of your retirement apartment. 

Painted Eggs 

 …this might sound like a disaster waiting to happen but we promise that the last thing we want is for your retirement living apartment to be covered in egg yolk. Therefore, we would suggest buying some small plastic eggs for the grandchildren to play around with and paint with any persona they choose. All you’ll need are small plastic eggs and some acrylic paint in colours of your choice. Pick two fine brushes and get painting your little egg people making up stories about them along the way!  

Chocolate Cornflake Cakes  

Would Easter really be Easter without a mini-egg Cornflake cake? It absolutely wouldn’t and with fully integrated kitchens in all of our retirement living apartments, there is no better place to bake!  

So grab your oven gloves and make Easter snacks that the whole family will love! 


 225g/8oz plain chocolate, broken into pieces 

2 tbsp golden syrup 

50g/2oz butter 

75g/2¾oz cornflakes 

36 mini chocolate eggs 

Line a 12-hole fairy cake tin with paper cases. 

Melt the chocolate, golden syrup and butter in a bowl set over a saucepan of gently simmering  

water (do not let the base of the bowl touch the water). Stir the mixture until smooth. 

Remove the bowl from the heat and gently stir in the cornflakes until all of the cereal is coated in the chocolate. 

Divide the mixture between the paper cases and press 3 chocolate eggs into the centre of each nest. Chill in the fridge for 1 hour, or until completely set.  

(Recipe from BBC Good Food)  


From food to crafts we hope we have given you some useful ideas to keep grandchildren entertained this Easter. At Burghley Retirement Living we believe life should be about doing the things you love without the stress of the small things and our maintenance and groundwork service means that you’ll have plenty of time to entertain little ones in your retirement living apartment all year round! 

Grandmother with bunny ears entertaining grandaughter at Easter in retirement apartment



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By Maggie Wilkinson 


It’s always useful to have a little project up your sleeve for when the little ones come to visit and need some relaxing indoor entertainment in your retirement flat.   

Children love to do creative things, so here’s something to do on a rainy day from the comfort of your lifestyle village, without making too much mess in your lovely apartment – meet Cressida the cress head and her friends! 

Children as young as four can enjoy this project, stick-on eyes can be fun, and older children love to get creative with the detailing and character of the faces… 

To make this project, it’s good to get the preparation done ahead of time so the kids can get stuck in straight away and everything is to hand. 

Requirements: – 

  • Save some eggshells, and when you crack them open, cut as neatly as you can close to the top or the bottom of the egg. Your choice will influence the shape of the final face. Wash them and let them dry out. 
  • An ordinary pencil for each child and coloured pencils, or fine liner pens, felt tips; an assortment provides choice. 
  • Some plastic sheeting or newspaper to protect your work surface 
  • A small bowl of compost 
  • A packet of cress seeds and a small saucer 
  • A teaspoon for each child  
  • An egg cup for each “Cress head” 
  • A square of kitchen roll for each, or scraps of fabric 
  • Water to moisten the compost. 
  • Egg boxes if taking home 



Method: – 

Get each child to draw a face on their eggshell. It’s companionable to work alongside, as it gets them going and gives them confidence. 

When they’re happy with the features, and have doodled a bit of hair maybe, let them colour in with the pencils, or whatever they choose. 

When the colouring is dry, put half an inch of water into the shell, and show them how to nearly fill it with compost, using a teaspoon. 

 Show them how to drip water in slowly, so the compost doesn’t spill out, then firm it in carefully so as not to break the shell or spoil the art work. 

Get the kids to open the cress packet and tip the seeds onto the saucer. 

Show them how to sprinkle the seeds onto the soil virtually covering it for a thick head of hair! 

Tap another teaspoon of compost to cover the seeds, and drip on more water. 

Fold the kitchen paper or scrap of fabric into four and tuck it into the egg cup to make a decorative neckerchief. 

Park the eggshell into the egg cup, or if they are going to take them home, place them into an empty egg box for transport. 

The cress will need a careful water each day, and after four or five days on a sunny windowsill, the cress “hair” will start to grow, and the longer it gets, the more characterful and quirky the head will be. 

It’s good to use real soil because it teaches them about seeds, growing food and when it comes to hair cut time, there’s another opportunity for a secondary activity…lunch! 

How about boiling some fresh eggs to mash with a bit of mayo, and an egg and cress sandwich could be on the menu! 

Have Fun! 

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By Simon Oakley 


The Thornton-Cleveleys area is an ideal place for senior living communities as you can access nature within a short distance, whether it be nature reserves, long walks or just admiring plant and animal life. Here are some locations that showcase the best of nature in the area. 


Marton Mere Local Nature Reserve 

The first location worth exploring is the Marton Mere Nature Reserve in Ormskirk because of the rich diversity it offers and the native plant life. Managed by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, you can find plants such as the endangered whorled caraway, golden dock, tubular water dropwort, early marsh orchids, the large-flowered hemp nettle and purple ramping fumitory, all native to the nature reserve. 

This offers a paradise for wildlife throughout the year as different species settle in the area. For example, in the spring you can see wildflowers and birds nesting whilst during summers your see insects such as butterflies and dragonflies appear. 

If you have the spare time, then why not get up and personal with the wildlife in the area. You can get involved in activities such as a canoe safari and pond dipping giving people the opportunity to see nature and wildlife up close. 

Click here for more information


Wyre Estuary Country Park 

The Wyre Estuary County Park is another good place to visit as you can experience nature in a relaxed setting. Walks and picnics are a great way to just sit and enjoy your surroundings or you can sign up with local rangers at the park to go on fun tours and gain an insight into what makes the park special.  

The country park is ideal if you enjoy watching birds in a natural environment or if you admire different tree varieties. It’s a great place to visit to just explore your environment outside of your independent living communities. 

Click here for more information


Rossall Beach 

Living at Royles Lodge means you are only minutes from the Lancashire Coast. Rossall Beach situated a mile from the Cleveleys Beach is worth a mention because of the natural landscape that allows nature to thrive. If you walk along the beach, you will experience birds flocking along the sandy beaches and marine life along the coast. There has been rumours that even seals can be seen occasionally.  

In many ways, it is perfect for a late evening walk as you can watch the sun descend along the coast at sunset.  

Click here for more information


All of these places are a great change of scenery for those living in luxury retirement villages, when friends or family come to visit why not take them for a little trip outside of your senior living communities. 

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Burghley retirement living at Thornton-Cleveleys is a unique and luxurious place to spend your retirement years. Being situated on the Fylde Coast you will be able to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and take long walks along the beautiful beaches the north has to offer.


Having your own luxury apartment in Thornton Cleveleys gives you privacy but also allows you to be a part of the welcoming community at Burghley Retirement Living 


Moving to Thornton-Cleveleys is not just a choice of your apartment, but the opportunity for a relaxed change in lifestyle. A lifestyle for you to enjoy with your new friends and neighbours. What’s more, it is the perfect place for grandchildren to visit with a range of activities on offer to do with them at the weekend. 


Entertaining the Grandchildren   

At Burghley Retirement Living we understand the importance of being a grandparent, which is why having a space to entertain grandchildren is just as important as your own comfort. Being just a short drive away from the stunning Yorkshire Dales means that you and your family can go on rural adventures before heading back to your luxury apartment to relax at the end of the day. Your new apartment is the perfect place to host guests and enjoy an evening with friends and family.  


Plus, with a fully equipped flat you will be able to enjoy baking with the grandchildren when they come to visit to keep them busy. This lifestyle choice will allow you to make the most of your senior independent living apartment. 


Staying Active  

The location of Thornton-Cleveleys means there are endless opportunities to go for a chilly winter’s morning walk, or maybe even a dip in the summer months. 


Time to relax  

Our easy to move policy makes moving stress free and easy, you are encouraged to take time for yourself at Thornton-Cleveleys. The privacy at Thornton-Cleveleys means that after a busy day of tennis or long walks you are free to have a quiet evening in your apartment or sit out on your own balcony on a summer evening. Thornton-Cleveleys is in one of the UK’s most picturesque spots meaning that you can enjoy your retirement in the way retirement is supposed to be enjoyed.  

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By Kirsti Randazzo


It can be tough to bond with your grandchildren in a time when technology is their main form of entertainment.

Have you ever considered using technology to bond with your grandchildren?

This game used to be done without assistance from technology but, by asking your grandchild to set up their phone to record this on video, you accomplish both getting the phone out of their hand and capturing a cherished memory of you that they will have forever.


To start this game, grab a large bowl and two sheets of blank paper.


Cut the paper into strips that you can write questions on.


Take half the strips for yourself and give the other half to your grandchild – or grandchildren.


Tell them to write down any question they might want to know about you or your life. The questions can be as simple as what is your favourite colour or as deep as what is your best childhood memory?


When you have all finished writing your questions, fold the pieces of paper and put them in the bowl.


This is when it is time to start recording. Have your grandchild prop the phone against something and make sure you are both in view. Now the fun can begin!


Take turns drawing questions from the bowl.

When you draw, make sure to answer with as much detail as possible. Even if the question seems mundane, your answer might stick with your grandchild for life.

Really listen to your grandchild’s answers too!


This is such an easy way to make memories that will last a lifetime.

It is also a great way for your children and grandchildren to learn who you were before they were around!

We often forget that people lived full lives before we knew them. Your children mostly know you as their parent. Your grandchildren mostly know you as their grandparent.


This is a great game to play with your children as well. If your grandchildren are too young to play this game, you could also spend your free time answering your prompts on your own.

Purchase a beautiful notebook and write a question at the top of each page. Whenever you are feeling bored or lonely, turn to your notebook and write your answers.

When you fill the book, it can make an amazing birthday or holiday gift for your loved ones.

In the fast-paced world we live in, it can be hard to connect with loved ones. Don’t be afraid to get creative in the ways you bond with your family. It’s never too late to share you story or ask others to share theirs. In the winter months when you are stuck inside anyways, don’t be afraid to ask your family to play this game.

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By Maggie Wilkinson. 


Retirement is a such a golden time, a time to reflect on not only what you want to do, but also, realising just how much you have to give. 

Grannies and Grandpas are the superheroes of this stressful world - the most wonderful asset a family can have, and now you have settled into your amazing retirement village, the grandchildren can come for days, mornings, maybe afternoons – on a regular basis, and you will be giving them the most precious gift there is. Your time.   


It’s very special for children with siblings to revel in one-to-one time with a grandparent, and now, you can offer that, and perhaps they can take turns. 

When an older person has a close relationship with a youngster, a marvellous exchange can take place; you get to see the world through their eyes, and they see it through yours! 

Both sides will love the talking, you’ll learn so much.  


Your stories and memories will make them smile, they won’t believe the way things were, back in the day, and how you got through somehow, and went on to have happy families. 

They would love to look through your photograph albums! And you will enjoy hearing them chatter about their friends and their schools, you will have a revolutionary insight into their world.  


You are an incredible gift for busy, young parents, who are probably juggling a house, jobs, pets and the children. 

You remember how that was… what a joy for them to know that they can bring the children over to you at your senior living home and know that their little one is going to be nurtured in a peaceful happy oasis with unique you.

And, the gift is returned in several ways.

They will help to keep you healthy – the germs young children come into contact with, playing, eating and touching, will actually give your immune system a boost, and help you to stay well.   


Research has also shown that spending time with grandchildren is truly rewarding, because it makes you happy, and that’s the best antidote to depression there is. 

The time you share will fill the odd gaps children experience these days, you can teach them the little life skills that schools no longer have time for, and things parents find hard to fit in.  

Little things are big things: Empower them!  

Depending on your grandchildren’s age, these can be great examples of bonding activities: 


  • Teaching them how to tie their shoe-laces 


  • Showing them how to lay the table (make a little posy to pretty it up) 


  • Cooking, baking, preparing a salad, hulling strawberries 


  • Button pictures, sew on a button, showing them how to thread buttons on string 


  • Drawing and painting, colouring – always a pleasure 


  • Stories, songs & poems  


  • Taking photographs 


  • Teaching a musical instrument 


Children naturally want to help, to be part of things, but at home there isn’t always time to indulge that, and parents often take for speed.

But you are time-rich and can enjoy showing them all sorts of things, at your leisure within your independent senior living. 


You don’t need to buy lots of expensive toys, they will be happy just to play. This is the importance of Grandparents! Lastly, don’t forget to laugh, and be daft, they really love that!

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