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The most meaningful game for you and your grandchildren

By Kirsti Randazzo


It can be tough to bond with your grandchildren in a time when technology is their main form of entertainment.

Have you ever considered using technology to bond with your grandchildren?

This game used to be done without assistance from technology but, by asking your grandchild to set up their phone to record this on video, you accomplish both getting the phone out of their hand and capturing a cherished memory of you that they will have forever.


To start this game, grab a large bowl and two sheets of blank paper.


Cut the paper into strips that you can write questions on.


Take half the strips for yourself and give the other half to your grandchild – or grandchildren.


Tell them to write down any question they might want to know about you or your life. The questions can be as simple as what is your favourite colour or as deep as what is your best childhood memory?


When you have all finished writing your questions, fold the pieces of paper and put them in the bowl.


This is when it is time to start recording. Have your grandchild prop the phone against something and make sure you are both in view. Now the fun can begin!


Take turns drawing questions from the bowl.

When you draw, make sure to answer with as much detail as possible. Even if the question seems mundane, your answer might stick with your grandchild for life.

Really listen to your grandchild’s answers too!


This is such an easy way to make memories that will last a lifetime.

It is also a great way for your children and grandchildren to learn who you were before they were around!

We often forget that people lived full lives before we knew them. Your children mostly know you as their parent. Your grandchildren mostly know you as their grandparent.


This is a great game to play with your children as well. If your grandchildren are too young to play this game, you could also spend your free time answering your prompts on your own.

Purchase a beautiful notebook and write a question at the top of each page. Whenever you are feeling bored or lonely, turn to your notebook and write your answers.

When you fill the book, it can make an amazing birthday or holiday gift for your loved ones.

In the fast-paced world we live in, it can be hard to connect with loved ones. Don’t be afraid to get creative in the ways you bond with your family. It’s never too late to share you story or ask others to share theirs. In the winter months when you are stuck inside anyways, don’t be afraid to ask your family to play this game.

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