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Why wait to move into a retirement apartment? 

Burghley retirement living is a brilliant opportunity to take full advantage of your retirement. It gives you countless opportunities to enjoy your well earned retirement the way that it should be.

At Burghley we believe that the time you spend after retiring should be stress free with no worries hanging over your head, so with that being the case, why wait to move into your own independent living?

Burghley Retirement Living provides an environment in which you are able to stay active physically and mentally (there are even tennis courts to enjoy with your new neighbours).  


We understand that your home is a place where memories have been made throughout your life and it will be understandably hard to let go, but Burghley’s retirement apartments are fantastic places to make new memories in during this exciting next chapter of your life.

The chance to downsize and be free of the burdens of house owning makes buying your own luxury apartment a no brainer.

Having more time and money to enjoy trips is just one of the many things you’ll find you have after downsizing. Not having to deal with maintenance of a house or worrying about cutting the lawn every week will mean you’ll find that the time you have really is your time!

If you are a fan of gardening, Burghley will also offer areas that green fingered residents are able to care for, meaning that you won’t miss out on doing the things you love doing, but without the pressure.  


Burghley are offering a new type of retirement living in which you can thrive independently within beautiful surroundings close to our luxury complexes.

We have situated our luxury retirement apartments near to areas of interest because we know the importance of spending time with your loved ones and taking the grandchildren on day trips.

The freedom of using your leisure time to do activities of your choice, whilst fulfilling and rewarding may be a new concept to you, meaning the idea of being a retiree will be far from how you see yourself.

However, surrounding yourself with others who are also enjoying life after work will help you thrive in an environment where Burghley takes care of any mundane issues and worries that you may have had before life at Burghley retirement living.  


Buying a retirement living apartment can sound daunting at first, maybe even lonely to some.

However, at Burghley Retirement Living we make sure that you are given much more than a luxury retirement apartment, by creating a community with others with similar interests and attitudes to life in retirement.

Having your own private independent apartment allows you to host dinner parties for your new neighbours in your fully equipped kitchen and entertain friends and family in your luxury living areas.

Having fully accessible living designs means that your guests will be able to visit your apartment comfortably, and of course allows you to move around without any difficulty in your own home.  


So the question stands: why wait to move into your retirement living apartment?

The answer is simple, don’t wait, you deserve to experience retirement in the way you’ve always pictured. After years of working it’s time to take time for yourself and be proud of what you have achieved.

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